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Professional Recording, Engineering and Mixing




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What I bring To the table...


Excellent recording practices for all applications

High Quality and Clean recordings

Focused on needs of the artist

Analog gear

Very experienced recording and mixing on analog gear for Live, Field and Studio applications. Tape, vintage compressors, and much more

Seasoned live sound engineer:
"The best on-stage sound we've ever had" - The Dead White Doves (Event page)


Precision time / spectral editing, pitch correction

Excellent mixing intuition to maximise a track

2.0 to ambisonic (16.4) speaker systems

Custom plug-ins using MaxMSP

Custom Backing Track Creation

From simple guitar and vocal, to full band mixes; Examples below!

Miscellaneous musicality

- Great use of song structure subtleties to maximize the emotional impact to the listener

- 10+ years performance in Classical, Western and Electric Guitar
4 years Bass and Drums


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About me

Take Your Art Seriously

...after all it's the music, not the engineering, that is revered and remembered. My maxim as an engineer is to enhance what is good of your performance without taking away your artistic voice. I do this with my professional tools and extended knowledge of digital signal processing that I have attained as a live and studio musician, live and studio engineer, and in my education (BA, MA).

I'm a Recording and Mixing Engineer with great experience as both a musician and engineer who has spent the last five years in analog, hybrid and digital studios, live monitoring and FOH, field and location recording, and programming Fx.

My high technical proficiency with pro-audio equipment and software is built upon my classical training and passion for music, and I use this background to maximize the potential for your music.

Master’s degree with Merit in Music Production specializing in Contemporary Metal Music.
Bachelor's with Honors in Creative Music Production.


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