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Music Recording and Mixing


Every session is vastly different so please get in touch to discuss your particular needs!

In the shop you can pay a deposit which will in turn go towards the payment for the service you select.
Example: Live Sound Engineering = £25 deposit. If the gig totals £40 you only need to pay £15.

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Live Sound Engineering

Pre-show prep, set-up and take-down, mixing and recording through the gig.


High Quality Recording

Excellent recording experience for studio, live and location. Fantastic results every time!


Excellent genre-specific post-production.
Great knowledge of Rock and Metal production in particular!


Backing Track Creation

Customized backing tracks for your website, videos, or anything else!


FREE - Mix Critique

A detailed document with times and detailed description of issues and how you can address them.


FREE - Studio Consultation

RT-60 calculation of your studio space, help setting up; From connecting up your equipment correctly and safely, to streamlining your workspace.