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16: Must-See Production Videos (Playlists)

Playlists full of useful must-see videos on anything Music Production.


15: Reverb Time Calculator (RT60)

Handy automated doc to find out your RT60 time for 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Herz.


14: Sample Live Sound Rider

 A very in-depth and detailed Rider sample document for live concerts.


13: Submitting Audio To Mix

Requirements when submitting audio/MIDI for mixing!


12: Deepening Delay

A very cool analog-y deepening delay effect.


11: Max Dial Preset Patch

Pre-programmed dials to optimize your workflow.


10: Stereo-Shift EQ

Add some width to a mono source with this interesting EQ technique.


9: Referencing

An entry on referencing and a handy technique to help you out.


8: Fracture Snare Sample

Free downloadable sample!


7: REAPER and Plug-in Chain Presets

Helpful pre-set sessions for your DAW, signal chains and for plug-ins like Superior Drummer 2.0 to get you started faster on a new idea. Regularly updated with new content!


6: Session Blank

Organize your session with this Excel doc.


5: Drum Sample Pack 1

Free sample pack with some really nice samples!


4: FREE Sound Design Sample Pack

A fun, free and high quality sample pack recorded by yours truly.


3: 'V' Mixing and my plug-in

A way of mixing, and my first ever plug-in!


2: Noise/Tonal Splitting

A way to control the ratio of harmonic and inharmonic content.


1: Scarlar EQ-ing

A different take on EQ-ing melodic instruments to make them POP!