Entry 13: Submitting Audio To Mix

1. CONSOLIDATE your Audio / MIDI files

If I could write CONSOLIDATE in a 'bolder bold' than that, I would.

Additionally, if sending MIDI drums make sure that the Kick drum corresponds to the MIDI note C-1.

2. Audio files

Please send lossless files (wav, etc.) in 48kHz / 24bit.

Do NOT let your tracks clip!

3. Label your tracks. 

Produce Like A Pro: "By the time you send your final tracks out for mixing, make sure they’re labeled in an obvious manner."

Like this:
- 01 Kick
- 02 Snare top
- 03 Snare bottom
- etc.

4. I like my steak bloody

Send me the RAW files - without any processing on them.

If you have a particular 'cool' effect that you really like on them, send the "cool effect" track alongside the RAW audio.

5. OPTIONAL: Scratch Mix

I'm not a mind-reader. Any engineer will mix music in their own way and it can be really beneficial if you have a rough mix already made. This allows me to better get inside your head and know what you want from the mix.

Alternatively, send me a reference mix - someone you want to sound like!

Emilio M. RizziComment