Entry 7: Preset Folder

The following pre-sets and Fx chains are intended to speed up my work-flow.

There are amplifier simulator Fx chains for REAPER, pre-sets for Superior drummer, and the multi-output instruments and signal chains are pre-routed for my own personal preference! Happy tracking and mixing! :)

Access pre-set folder HERE


What's in the folder?

Legion Signal Chain

  • 02.12.16
    Added four pre-set sessions for REAPER. Intended for Superior Drummer 2.0 packs: NY Avatar, Big Rock, Metal!, Metal Machine.
    (also good for other multi-out instruments)
  • 04.12.16
    Added custom pre-set for Superior Drummer 2.0 Metal Machine pack.
  • 07.12.16
    Added DIST - Legion Rhythm Fx chain. Free plug-ins and speaker impulse included. Paid plug-ins (EQ87, Comp87G8) not included.
  • 11.12.16
    Added DIST - Icarus Rhythm and DIST - Master Rhythm Fx chains.
  • 25.01.16
    Added DIST - Nuclear Rhythm and BASS - Mammoth Fx chains. (Nuclear recommend with included impulse response with u87 on cone. Mammoth requires BassAmpCM and JST Gain Reduction)
  • 29.01.17
    Added CLEAN - Snow Fx chain. (Individual plug-in settings included in case you don't have some plug-ins) Play audio sample below:
  • 19.02.17
    Added Mercuriall Spark pre-set tones EMR 800 and EMR Lead.
Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 07.55.59.png
  • and more content to come...
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