Music Recording and Mixing

About Me

Producer and Recording/Mixing Engineer who likes a challenge. I love working with bands and specialize in Rock and Metal, but I can deal with whatever you can throw at me.

What I can promise is that I will work my ass off to make your music sound great and bring it to its maximum potential. Whether that's live or in the studio; Whether you're after a steam-train rolling through a mountain on fire or a canoe gently paddling down-river.

Recent MA Music Production graduate with plentiful real-world experience.


Sample Offer

Send me a sample track or section and I'll mix it for FREE. I guarantee you won't get this from anyone else in the business! This will allow you to see if my engineering is a good match for your song - There's no point investing your time if you don't think I'll fit your music.


I Will Take Your Art Seriously...

...after all it's the music, not the engineering, that is revered and remembered. My maxim as an engineer is to enhance what is good of your performance without taking away your artistic voice.

I do this with professional tools and knowledge of signal processing that I have attained as a live and studio musician, live and studio engineer, and in my education.


MA Merit, BA Hons

I have great experience as both a musician and engineer and have spent the last six years in analog, hybrid and digital studios, live monitoring and FOH, field and location recording, and programming Fx.

My high technical proficiency with pro-audio equipment and software is built upon my classical music training and passion for music, and I use this background to maximize the potential for your music.

- Masters degree with Merit in Music Production specializing in Contemporary Metal Music.
- Bachelors with Honors in Creative Music Production.