Every project is different so please get in touch prior to ordering to discuss a price and your needs.

The below prices are just estimates. Discount for larger orders.


FREE Mix Critique

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Send files HERE with the subject CritMyMix and your name. Free Skype consultation.



[est. £10 per instrument per song]

Pro-level recording for any application, from studio to live; field to location recordings.

Infinite takes, great equipment for exceptional quality.


Precision Editing

[est. £5 per track]

Seamless crossfades between takes, time/pitch/spectral correction and editing, audio to click or click to audio, and take selection.



[est. £18 per song]

Service-adapted mixing (Spotify, YouTube, etc.), MP3 ready, 2 revisions per song.


Live Sound Engineering

[est. £20 per show]

Travel to your pre-show practice to learn the set and then engineer you.

Setting up, monitors, FOH, taking down.

Please follow these simple steps when submitting Audio to Mix.